BDI Green™, our firm’s sustainability initiative, is driven by company values and internalized by all team members. Our internal sustainability policy was established to incorporate Green best practices into daily business activities and to foster respect for the world’s natural resources among our people. This includes constantly assessing business systems and processes, employing sensible procurement practices and leveraging a variety of technologies to reduce waste. BDI is also working on increasing the use of hybrid vehicles within our company as part of this company-wide initiative.

We firmly believe that sustainability is not a marketing tactic, but a responsibility that each and every one of us bears. We believe that sustainability goes beyond going Green and that it must extend to the core of organizational culture.

While it is true that sustainability can present many challenges in the construction industry, it presents many new opportunities to create value as well as tangible cost benefits. Like many of our clients, we recognize that achieving true sustainability is a learning process. We are looking ahead and know our efforts to build responsibly align with the vision of many to protect our natural resources for future generations.