Creating value for clients and being accountable at all project levels is paramount to us. This requires sound project management that intelligently aligns people, process and technology.

At BDI our proprietary methodology includes a dashboard approach to managing project components, resources, schedules and budgets. This creates peace of mind through candid and frequent communication on project activities with owners as well as all project stakeholders.

First and foremost, we start each project by making all attempts to understand our client’s ultimate project goal. Each client has different needs and desires and clients’ necessities often change from time to time. Once we have a clear understanding of the scope of the project, we strategize accordingly. When involved in pre-construction, we initially visit the site and/or facility and begin identifying all the potential challenges and explore alternate ideas which both add value and mitigate risk. We use our experience to identify these points as early in the process as possible, always mindful of the impacts on schedule and budget.

Communication is a key element to a project’s success. We have open lines of communication with the owners, architects, engineers, and the subcontractors. With our all-one-team approach and dashboard methodology, we are able to identify the challenges early on. Our high rate of successful projects is primarily a result of everyone working in the same direction; rather than the conventional method of project resources focused just on their individual project components.

Our team is always encouraged to consistently improve and optimize the lines of communication among project stakeholders in order to achieve consistent results as it relates to proper planning and successful project completions.

At BDI, we approach each and every project as trusted advisers with a focus on sustainability and a proven commitment to project safety and risk management. To learn more about our project management methodology, please contact us.